Edwards E-EX Natural Electric Guitar

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Edwards E-EX Natural Electric Guitar edwards electric guitar natural

Edwards E-EX Natural Electric Guitar

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Edwards E-EX Natural Electric Guitar

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Case: Non-genuine soft case. Accessories: – Weight: 3.25 kg. Truss rod [No problems] The rod has been checked up to 60 degrees left and right, and there are no problems. Frets remaining [Notes apply] Still able to withstand cutting, but the frets are lower String height (Bass string side)Above the 12th fret 2.0mm String height(Treble string side)Above the 12th fret 1.5mm Nut width 43.1mm Neck thickness ( 1st fret) 21.5mm Neck thickness (12th fret) 24.1mm Scale 628mm (24.75″) RADIUS356mm (14″) Strings at setup ERNIE BALL 2221 /. 010-.

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Guide to Buying an Electric Guitar

Are you ready to embark on the exciting journey of buying your first electric guitar? Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, choosing the right electric guitar involves considering various factors. Follow this comprehensive guide to ensure you make an informed decision.

Step 1: Define Your Budget

Begin by setting a budget for your electric guitar purchase. Determine the budget range you're willing to invest, keeping in mind that quality often comes with a price tag.

Step 2: Choose Your Body Style

Consider the body style that suits your preferences and playing style. Electric guitars come in various shapes, including semi-hollow body, each offering distinct tonal characteristics. Make sure the design aligns with your musical genre and aesthetic preferences.

Step 3: Pickups Matter

Picking the appropriate pickups is crucial for achieving your desired sound. Options include single-coil pickups. Explore different configurations to find the one that complements your musical style.

Step 4: Consider Neck Construction

When it comes to necks, you can opt for neck-through constructions. Each type influences playability and sustain differently. Invest time in trying out guitars with various neck constructions to find your preference.

Step 5: Test Playability

Before settling on your decision, ensure you test the playability of the electric guitar. Check for comfortable neck profiles, smooth fret edges, and appropriate string action. A comfortable guitar enhances your overall playing experience.

Step 6: Explore Brands and Models

Explore different electric guitar brands and models. Consider reputable brands like Gibson, and explore models such as the Custom 24. Read reviews to gather insights into the performance and durability of specific guitars.

Step 7: Visit Local Guitar Shops

Go to nearby guitar shops to physically try out different electric guitars. Make use of the opportunity to ask questions and seek advice from knowledgeable staff. Playing the guitar in person allows you to assess its feel and sound.

Step 8: Compare Prices

When you have a shortlist, compare prices from different retailers. Search for special deals and consider purchasing from reputable stores offering warranties and return policies.

Step 9: Finalize Your Decision

After thorough consideration, finalize your decision and make your purchase. Congratulations on acquiring your new electric guitar! Remember to invest in essential accessories such as a quality amplifier, cables, and a comfortable strap.

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